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Buying a bucket truck doesn’t have to be hard. We’ll help you find exactly what you want as fast as possible and as close to you as possible.

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We’re a utility truck locator that helps customers find the bucket truck, digger derrick, boom truck, forestry truck, or grapple truck they need at the price they want. We have connected with several of the top bucket truck dealers (based on reputation, number of units sold per month, and customer reviews) in the industry. We use those connections to cut out the middle-man and false marketing efforts that are so prevalent online.


What We Do:

We connect utility truck buyers to sellers in a fast, secure, and hassle free way. You can either call us and get directed to a dealer or email us and we’ll have a dealer with what you’re looking for contact you back. Basically, we broker utility truck deals without the commission and added costs to you, the buyer.


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We have spent years networking with industry leading bucket truck and digger derrick dealers. Our connections in the industry have given us a competitive advantage that isn’t available anywhere else online.


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We will save you time, money, headaches, and the hassle of price comparisons. When you call or message us, you get connected quickly with the appropriate dealer that has your equipment you want in the price range you need.



“I was looking for a late model Altec TA40 bucket truck that was around $65,000. I went through Bucket–Trucks.com and in a few hours, I was buying the exact model I wanted. I was truly impressed with the company I was referred to and they were within 150 miles from my business. I’ll be buying my equipment from Bucket–Trucks.com from now on.”

- Jason L. Urbana, MO


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New Inventory for Sale:

Altec AT37G- 2006 International 7300 4×4 Bucket Truck

Altec AT37G- 2006 International 7300 4x4 Bucket Truck for Sale

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Elliott ECH-5-110- 1998 Peterbuilt 357 6×4 Sign Truck


elliott sign truck for sale

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More Bucket Truck Info:

You will need to have at least one of these vehicles if you are planning to start your own construction business, or any other business in which heavy equipment or tools are routinely moved between locations. Buying used bucket trucks for sale is a realistic way to save some money, as these trucks ten to be costly when purchased brand new.

The Internet has made many things easy, and looking for bucket trucks for sale is no exception. Looking at trucks online is convenient and can potentially save you time and money, allowing you to comparison shop from the comfort of your home. Most of the trucks that you will see on the Internet are used, and you should make sure that if you purchase a bucket truck this way that it has been reconditioned so that is almost as good as new. Generally speaking, there is no reason why you should not purchase used trucks this way and save a little money in the process. Buying online usually means the truck is delivered right to you. Be sure to visit our friends at http://www.austinseoservice.net for more information on SEO consulting in Austin, TX and beyond.

If you are in the market for one or more bucket trucks, be prepared to shop around to get not only the best deal, but a truck that is in good condition and will last you for at least a few years. Make sure that any truck that you buy online has been completely reconditioned and ideally, you should also take the truck for a test drive or at least check it out personally before buying it. Buying the truck that best fits your requirements is just as important as buying a truck in good condition and getting a good price.

Buying used bucket trucks online is recommended for anyone who is short on funds or is simply trying to be as economical as possible. Bucket trucks are generally durable and reliable and have become indispensable for those who work in certain industries. As long as you are careful and make sure that the vehicle has been reconditioned and are prepared to shop around, you should not encounter a problem. Visit for more options on buying bucket trucks that have been reconditioned and are guaranteed to be in good running order.